We believe that breeders must be allowed to breed the type of animals that work for them for their environment and situation.  This is why we are grandfathering in ALL Milking Shorthorn animals as they have already been registered.

While we do encourage breeders to increase the Milking Shorthorn percentage of future matings, we also realize that the current available bulls to use to increase the breed percentage is limited.  To increase the breed percentage is going to take some time.  We are adopting the current rules of Milking Shorthorn animals.  THERE WILL NO CHANGES.

We will have 5 breeed designations as follows:

At this time EXP and Full Herdbook animals fall short of the desired breed percentages.  That is why we are adopting current rules for breed designation.

Full Herdbook x Full Herdbook = Full Herdbook
EXP x Full Herdbook = Full Herdbook
GE x Full Herdbook = EXP
GR x GE = GE

Bull Registrations

For bull registrations, the fees are as outlined on the order form.  An additional requirement for bulls is they must be tested for all recessives and haplotypes and parentage verified.  This test is $45.  Our genetics testing lab tests for over 100 recessives and haplotypes, does parentage testing, provides A2 results along with Kappa Casein, Beta Casein and Beta Lactoglobulin, coat color.  To test for horned / polled is an additional $10.

Samples may be in the for, of blood card, tissue or semen.  Hair samples are $5 additional



During the first year of membership, members can register any animal any age for $10 per animal!

Below is the registration form, we would also like to ask you to include a copy of the pedigree of any ancestry you may have.

Registration Form

Please include an order form with your registrations.

Order Form



Below are the forms to use for genomic testing animals.

Animal Form for Genomic Testing

Order Form for Genomic Testing